Trans-pacific voyage to Hawaii (by canoe)

Next month, we will be flying to Hawaii for our nearly annual summer stay. Well, someone else already made the voyage,

Green power will take seven traditional vaka, or canoes, on an epic expedition of re-discovery across 15,000 nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean.

Powered solely by the sun and the wind, the double-hulled, 22-meter vaka will leave their Pacific home countries over the next month and sail to Hawaii via French Polynesia in the wake of their ancestors.

The vaka make up a pan-Pacific network of voyaging societies which aim to raise awareness of environmental issues — including ocean noise pollution, acidification and anoxic waters — in tandem with recapturing traditional Pacific voyaging and navigational skills and re-establishing cultural links between Pacific neighbours.

Of course, our trip will be much faster, but they took a lot less pollution and greenhouse-enducing fuel to get there than we will :D .

You can see the map the voyage here.

You can also see a lot about ancient polynesian/Hawaiian ocean voyaging at the Imiloa astronomy center.


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