We are in Hawaii

We are in Hawaii after nearly 11 hours of flight time (we were flying in from DC after visiting family). Of course that means our 1 bedroom apartment is occupied for the next couple weeks, but the good news is that this gives us the chance to get a feel for what improvements the apartments need, and things we could add, for future guests. I’m starting a small list already.

*We are going to plant some more fruit trees. We’ve got avocado, figs, lychee, banana and lime on the property.  Our papaya trees got past their prime so we’ll be adding some of those, and there are a lot more that could be added, perhaps some citrus fruits and some tropical fruits. We’ll let you know what we add

*I think the property could use some more flowering plants too (it has a lot, but can you have too many?)

*The kitchen needs a few small things (a new cutting board) and I’m discovering some things we have I forgot we did (board games!)

Though we are occupying the one bedroom for the next two weeks… the studio is available! And we have a timeshare in Kona we are selling if you are here this month (7/23-7/30, though I think there is a little flexibility, fewer days, etc) and would like to spend some time on the other side of the island. Just contact us for details: http://ourhilohome.com/contact-us/


Our Hilo Home
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