Roadside food (and flowers)

ripe guava rotting (or about to) ready for picking :)

And I’m talking really roadside :D . As I talk my walk every day (or what should be everyday), I start to notice there are a lot of fruit trees growing semi-wild along the roadside. Fruit trees that are not any anyone’s yard and obviously are not being harvested. So far, within a mile down the road, I’ve picked up limes, passion fruit, avocados, guava and papaya. I’ve also noticed bananas and mangos but they were either not ripe or too hard to get to (high up in a tree deep down in a river gorge).

On yesterday’s walk I picked up two avocados that were ripe and fallen on the road and ate a passionfruit, also one that had fallen to the ground. I have certain criteria when picking fruit from the roadside: 1) can’t be in someone’s yard or obvious land or garden and 2) not being harvested

Avocado on the road, ripe for avocado pie

(which you can usually tell from all the over-ripe fruit on the ground) and 3) already fallen (though I make some exceptions if 1 and 2 are really really obvious. Even with these criteria, there are a lot of fruit for picking.

There are also an amazing array of flowers, one of the things I love about Hawaii. Those I _never_ pick. Even if they aren’t in someone’s yard, they add to the beauty and everyone’s enjoyment in a way a rotting fruit on the ground doesn’t ;-) . Below you’ll find a few flowers that I took photos of on our road.

I’m going to take the avocados from the road (and some from our yard) and make avocado pie.

Our yard has a few fruit trees (lime, lychee, avocado, mangosteen), but not enough. It used to have a few others (papaya, guava), but those are gone. And though our yard does have some flowers (ginger, etc), we’ve always thought it didn’t have enough. We are going out this weekend to look for some more to plant. We’ll definitely get some papaya trees, guava and probably a mandarin. We’ll see what else. haven’t decided on flowers yet. I’ll let you know after we’ve done the planting.




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