Hawaiian Paella: the challenge

I was thinking today about dinners to make. And, as we are in Hawaii, I’m trying to make food that can be sourced locally and is at least loosely based on local tradition. It’s the basis of my banana bread with rice flour. I was thinking our girls loved the quick paella I made for them a while back, and thought “hmm, most of the ingredients or equivalents can be sourced locally” and perhaps I could make it based on Hawaiian traditions and history. Paella seems to epitomize Hawaii today, a tasty mix of cultures :) .

Well, just had to google “Hawaiian Paella” to find I’m not the first to think of that.. by far. Unfortunately the ingredients for most of those recipes are not locally sourced, or at minimum, could be. This one comes closest. So, I’ve given myself a challenge: Create a Hawaiian “paella” that uses almost exclusively locally-sourced ingredients. Now, this will mean it won’t be technically a “paella,” and it definitely won’t have saffron (won’t grow in the islands). In fact, my mind is going to places very un-paella like. I’m thinking green tea, ginger, ╩╗Inamona┬áand seaweed.

We’ll see, I’m going to the market this weekend with paella on my mind.

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