Weather on the leeward big island of Hawaii

I am going to give you the Hilo Hawaii summer weather forecast for the rest of the century (barring global warming): Partly cloudy with intermittent showers and long sunny periods and a high of 83. ¬†Winter isn’t much different, generally cloudy with showers and shorter sunny periods and a high of 80. It does rain a lot in Hilo and the gorgeous (because of the rain) windward side of our island. But as I’ve mentioned in our ‘fine print,‘ there is a secret: don’t trust the forecast. Every time we have guests they worry about the weather forecasts showing rain. Yes, it will rain here, almost daily (274 out of 365 days a year). But as often as not, that rain will be a short rainfall in the evening or morning and sunny afternoons. That’s not always true, sometimes it rains all day. But that seems rarer.

Let me give you an example. Last week the forecast looked exactly like the picture here from this week. In fact, the 5 day forecast will often look like that. Rain, clouds, 80-83 degrees. Sometimes you’ll see a ‘partly cloudy’ graphic. Sometimes a fully sunny graphic. But usually cloudy and rain. I feel like I’m giving away a secret when I say though, don’t believe it. The main reason is that on the island there are a lot of microclimates on the big island. From ¬†desert to alpine to tropical rain forest and more (go to Waimea and you’ll swear you are in Ireland). Even the windward side boasts differences. So, when it says rain, it might be raining in one part of our side of the island and sunny on another. Often, when we are at the ocean it will be sunny and warm, only to drive into the rain as we go home. Just bring an umbrella, or better yet, go swimming in the rain! But trust me, you’ll have a good amount of sun to go swimming or walking around in.

Sunday the forecast called for 70% chance of rain and cloudy. It did rain, for about an hour in the morning. The rest of the morning and into evening? Like this:

We were going to go to the beach, but the girls decided to fill up the pool (just started here) and play in the backyard. They played for 4 hours with some neighbor kids with the weather just like you see behind them. It started raining again around 6pm, but by then they were back in eating dinner.

Obviously, that means you need to be a little flexible in your plans and be willing to rearranged schedules a bit. And perhaps be willing to walk in the rain (it’s warm remember).

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