Getting to the Waterfall and Stream Next Door: Pahoehoe Stream

The waterfall & pond

The waterfall & pond

Pahoehoe Stream is a most beautiful place, which includes a private swimming area fed by three gorgeous waterfalls.  It is a definite MUST DO under safe conditions!
Please wait for a stretch of sunny weather before exploring the river.
Be aware that after rains the trail can be muddy and slippery, so wear good water shoes.
We like to apply mosquito repellant before going down.
The entry steps to the trail are located at the left, house-side, corner of the yard where the green rail ends.   The steps descend very steeply at first, but after that the trail is fairly level for a ways.  There are two pleasant areas to enjoy, the upper area just 5 minutes down the trail, and the spectacular swimming area, no more than 10 minutes away from the house, 3 or 4 hundred yards.
As you navigate the trail, staying to the left all the while, you will soon see a gorgeous, expansive, flat rock area, with rapidly moving water forming pools.  We refer to that area as

our King’s and Queen’s baths.   It’s great to just lounge there on a sunny morning.  Early in the day the best sun is directly overhead at the recreation areas.  You will also hear and see the very top of the waterfalls from there.

In order to continue to the swimming hole and waterfall area, return to the trail you were on and keep staying to the LEFT.   You will encounter a steeper rise very soon.  Over that rise you will find a completely natural, solid rock ‘staircase descending directly down to the edge of the swimming area.   Take care for hand holds as those natural steps are uneven, and can be slippery the nearer you come to the water.
We keep a variety of FLOTATION rafts and chairs, tethered on the rope or set up very high on the banks.  you are welcome to enjoy them, but please return them to exactly where you found them, because when the river rises, they are history!  (we have lost quite a few!)
Ray, and Benjamin, and I (Ethel) live in the separate ranch-style house.  Ben is the river master, if you want to inquire about changing river conditions, or need a guide.  Ben maintains our river access.
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