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Getting to the Waterfall and Stream Next Door: Pahoehoe Stream

RIVER NOTATIONS Pahoehoe Stream is a most beautiful place, which includes a private swimming area fed by three gorgeous waterfalls.  It is a definite MUST DO under safe conditions! Please wait for a stretch of sunny weather before exploring the river. Be aware that after rains the trail can be muddy and slippery, so wear good water [...]

We are in Hawaii

We are in Hawaii after nearly 11 hours of flight time (we were flying in from DC after visiting family). Of course that means our 1 bedroom apartment is occupied for the next couple weeks, but the good news is that this gives us the chance to get a feel for what improvements the apartments [...]

A zero-waste lifestyle makes perfect sense in Hawaii

I’ve seen and read about a zero-waste family who live in Marin County, CA (just north of our SF home) highlighted in TV and print. They have a blog. The entire idea is to eliminate garbage…completely, including the need to recycle. That’s a tall order in our society. I’ve eliminated some trash in our household [...]