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Weather on the leeward big island of Hawaii

I am going to give you the Hilo Hawaii summer weather forecast for the rest of the century (barring global warming): Partly cloudy with intermittent showers and long sunny periods and a high of 83. ¬†Winter isn’t much different, generally cloudy with showers and shorter sunny periods and a high of 80. It does rain [...]

Termites suck

Ticks and mosquitoes suck actually. Well, termites might not suck, but they definitely chew. Before humans, Hawaii had no native species of termites, ants, ticks or mosquitoes. What a paradise it must have been! I mean, it’s a paradise now, but can you imagine a warm, breezy lush climate… with no mosquitoes? no ticks? Absolute [...]

Ukulele: make your own, learn it, learn about it.

The ukulele has a long history starting in Portugal and migrating to Hawaii where it morphed to suit local needs and desires. It’s not the only Portuguese import to Hawaii, that list is not short: Portuguese sausage, malasadas, sweet bread, Portuguese bean soup, and perhaps even Lomilomi salmon. Anyway, I digress. I was reading a [...]

Keeping Safe in Kanaloa’s realm (i.e. the ocean)

Being at the beach in Hawaii is a huge part of why people are here (and why those who live here love it). But the ocean isn’t to be trifled with, especially in Hawaii, Kanaloa¬†can be a bit capricious. Before I go into this, let me tell you that don’t use this to get so [...]

speaking of the sky… video of rotating asteroid

NASA has a new video of an asteroid rotating in space. Just posting for to satisfy the geek in me and anyone reading. Though it is amazing, viewing from the top of Mauna Kea isn’t going to let you see this  :D

Hawaiian Words

We are slowly (over the last years) learning the Hawaiian language, or well, at least words and phrases. If or when we move here permanently, we’ll definitely take a course. If you are a first-time visitor to Hawaii, you’d be surprised how many Hawaiian words have found their way into everyday usage here on the [...]

Trans-pacific voyage to Hawaii (by canoe)

Next month, we will be flying to Hawaii for our nearly annual summer stay. Well, someone else already made the voyage, Green power will take seven traditional vaka, or canoes, on an epic expedition of re-discovery across 15,000 nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean. Powered solely by the sun and the wind, the double-hulled, 22-meter [...]

A zero-waste lifestyle makes perfect sense in Hawaii

I’ve seen and read about a zero-waste family who live in Marin County, CA (just north of our SF home) highlighted in TV and print. They have a blog. The entire idea is to eliminate garbage…completely, including the need to recycle. That’s a tall order in our society. I’ve eliminated some trash in our household [...]

The islands were formed by a pancake?

The prevailing theory is that the Hawaiian Islands were formed “in sequence by volcanic activity as the Pacific plate drifted over a thin, hot plume rising from deep inside the Earth.” Well, new studies suggest maybe they were formed by a pancake, a hot pocket of abnormally hot rock sitting right under the islands. Whatever [...]