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Papakolea Green Sand Beach, coffee and honey

The Papakolea Green Sand Beach is  a long drive (1.5 to 2 hours from the house) and a long hike (1-1.5 miles for the 3 mile hike) to the green sand beach, but worth it for the day excursion, especially if stop by one of the coffee farms in Ka’u for some coffee, local honey [...]

O-Bon Dance in Honomu

Honomu is just a 15 minute drive North up the coast from our house and is on the way to Akaka Falls State Park (another 5 minutes from Honomu). The village (of about 500) itself is a nice place to grab some ice cream or lunch and then check out the Buddhist temple and the huge [...]

Premier Hula Festival

Merrie Monarch festival is usually scheduled in April of every year. The week-long event features a hula competition, arts & crafts fair and a grand parade in downtown Hilo. Our home is a short 5 minutes away! The festival honors the legacy of King David Kalakaua (reigned 1874-1891) who inspired the continuation of Hawaiian tradition, [...]

Seeing stars in the cold

It’s cold up there. Not the Milky Way, but the Mauna Kea Visitors Information Center. So, if you are planning a trip up, definitely dress warmly. In the summer the nighttime temperatures get down to 40 and sometimes lower. You are packed and ready for spending time in temperatures in the 80′s, it’ll be hard [...]

Volcano July 4th parade

One of our highlights in the summer is the Volcano town July 4th parade. Unfortunately, we will arrive in Hawaii a few days late to go this year, but if you are there, you really should check it out. It has the feel of a old-time small town Mayberry-type parade and is a lot of fun. [...]

Kamehameha Festival, June 11 (Kamehameha Day)

June 11th seems to be the day for cultural experiences. Not only can you watch the O-Bon festival in Honomu that day, but you can also go to the Kamehameha festival in Hil0 in celebration of King Kamehameha. The festival is free (always nice). It is part of a larger celebration of King Kamehameha day. [...]