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Address — Directions from South, NorthMap

The address of our home is:

27-1993 Enoka Place
Papaikou, HI 96781

But your GPS and google map directions won’t get you there. You’ll need the old fashioned way… directions and a map:

Directions from Hilo:

1. Take highway 19 (Mamalahoa Hwy) north out of Hilo.
2. Landmarks you will pass include the ‘humming bridge’ and the Alae Japanese cemetery.
3. Watch the mile markers. At mile marker 6, take your first left. (if you see mile 7 or beyond, you’ve gone too far)
4. Then an immediate left again until pass though yellow gate (with Enoka Place sign on it)
5. Then keep following the narrow road (VERY SLOWLY please, 10-15 MPH on our little private road, the neighbors will greatly appreciate it, thanks!) until get to row of mailboxes on right and our cream colored, white metal roofed home(s) on your left.
6. There are numbers posted on the front corner–27-1993
7. Continue on the gravel/dirt road, 100 feet or so past the mailboxes around the little bend to the second of the two connected homes, on your left.

Directions from Hamakua Coast and points North (and Kona side):

1. Take highway 19 (Mamalahoa Hwy) south down the Hamakua coast
2. Landmarks you will pass include Onomea Bay scenic drive and Pinkie’s store (big pink pig :) .
3. Watch the mile markers. After mile marker 7, take your first right. (if you see mile 6 or below, you’ve gone too far)
Follow directions from 4-7 above.

Map of House and Local sites:

Explore Our Hilo Home Map in a larger view with some of our favorite local sites and information

Our Hilo Home
27-1993 Enoka Place PapaikouHI96781 USA 
 • 415-252-7123