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Ukulele: make your own, learn it, learn about it.

The ukulele has a long history starting in Portugal and migrating to Hawaii where it morphed to suit local needs and desires. It’s not the only Portuguese import to Hawaii, that list is not short: Portuguese sausage, malasadas, sweet bread, Portuguese bean soup, and perhaps even Lomilomi salmon. Anyway, I digress. I was reading a [...]

Hawaiian Paella: the challenge

I was thinking today about dinners to make. And, as we are in Hawaii, I’m trying to make food that can be sourced locally and is at least loosely based on local tradition. It’s the basis of my banana bread with rice flour. I was thinking our girls loved the quick paella I made for [...]

Baker Tom’s & malasadas

  Alas, Baker Tom’s is closed. I do sorely miss it!! For great malasada’s you might have to do some searching. There are some in Honoka’a apparently, at the interestingly named “Tex Drive in“. So stop there if you are driving up the coast. “Hole in the wall” and “Mom and Pop” are both descriptors [...]

Hilo Restaurants

A short post. You could find it anyway, but thought I’d make it really simple: Yelp has a decent rundown of Hilo restaurants. Want some really local food from a local chain? Blane’s. Just be forewarned, it’s not diet food. My favorite is the Korean Mix Bento (it has spam, the Hawaiian staple ) or [...]


No, not a Facebook annoyance. It’s a traditional Hawaiian food. It’s evolved over the centuries, but basically its raw fish that has been sliced (the meaning of ‘poke,’ pronounced poe-kay) into cubes and seasoned with salt and other ingredients. If you are new to Hawaii, you’ll notice it just about everywhere. Large plates of it [...]

Avocado Cream Pie

Really? We have a huge avocado tree in our backyard. So big when the avocados are ripe, there is no way even the most avid avocado eater can eat them all, or even a dozen avid avocado eaters. So, gotta find a way to eat them all so they don’t go to waste. I found [...]