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Hawaiian Fruit Salad (rummed :D)

I’m calling this Hawaiian fruit because I can get all these fruits in my backyard or within at the farmer’s market in town. I’ve taken an old recipe I had for rum spiked fruit salad and changed it to the point that the only similarity is the rum . It’s basically a bunch of fruit [...]

Roadside food (and flowers)

And I’m talking really roadside . As I talk my walk every day (or what should be everyday), I start to notice there are a lot of fruit trees growing semi-wild along the roadside. Fruit trees that are not any anyone’s yard and obviously are not being harvested. So far, within a mile down the [...]

We are in Hawaii

We are in Hawaii after nearly 11 hours of flight time (we were flying in from DC after visiting family). Of course that means our 1 bedroom apartment is occupied for the next couple weeks, but the good news is that this gives us the chance to get a feel for what improvements the apartments [...]