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Weather on the leeward big island of Hawaii

I am going to give you the Hilo Hawaii summer weather forecast for the rest of the century (barring global warming): Partly cloudy with intermittent showers and long sunny periods and a high of 83. ¬†Winter isn’t much different, generally cloudy with showers and shorter sunny periods and a high of 80. It does rain [...]

Direct flights from LAX and SFO!

Yay! We used to fly ATA to Hilo, it was the only airline we could get a direct flight from San Francisco to Hilo. That was always nice, saved us the long trip from Kona to Hilo (which entailed someone picking us up, a rental car or additional cost of another little puddle jumper flight). [...]

Kamehameha Festival, June 11, 2011

June 11th seems to be the day for cultural experiences. Not only can you watch the O-Bon festival in Honomu that day, but you can also go to the Kamehameha festival in Hil0 in celebration of King Kamehameha. The festival is free (always nice). It is part of a larger celebration of King Kamehameha day. [...]