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Hawaiian Paella: the challenge

I was thinking today about dinners to make. And, as we are in Hawaii, I’m trying to make food that can be sourced locally and is at least loosely based on local tradition. It’s the basis of my banana bread with rice flour. I was thinking our girls loved the quick paella I made for [...]

Grilled cilantro-lime shrimp w/ avocado dip

Try this recipe for grilled shrimp w/ a spicy avocado dip. If you are lucky (and a bit adventurous), you can get three of the main ingredients at our house: shrimp, lime, avocado. Talk about local! Lime tree is just in the back of the yard, the huge avocado tree is to the far left [...]


No, not a Facebook annoyance. It’s a traditional Hawaiian food. It’s evolved over the centuries, but basically its raw fish that has been sliced (the meaning of ‘poke,’ pronounced poe-kay) into cubes and seasoned with salt and other ingredients. If you are new to Hawaii, you’ll notice it just about everywhere. Large plates of it [...]

HAWAIIAN banana bread

Every summer we spend some time in Hawaii, on the Big Island, and every year I experiment with recipes for our time in Hawaii. My criteria: 1. Ingredients have to have a local origin or _could be_ grown commercially on a local basis if there was demand. 2. Ingredients (some at least) have to have [...]

Avocado Cream Pie

Really? We have a huge avocado tree in our backyard. So big when the avocados are ripe, there is no way even the most avid avocado eater can eat them all, or even a dozen avid avocado eaters. So, gotta find a way to eat them all so they don’t go to waste. I found [...]